Specialised Bespoke 1:1

If you are new to Pilates, need a refresher on the key principles or simply prefer a 1:1 learning environment, why not come to one of our introductory 1:1. Our skilled instructors will teach you what you need to know to get the maximum benefit from your Pilates experience and guide you from being a Pilates newbie to a pro in no time.

For us to direct your enquiry to the right department, please reference any of our programmes that relates to your body’s needs.


Please contact us to book a 1:1 if you:

  • have a condition or injury that needs addressing before joining classes
  • have any concerns about your ability to participate in classes safely and effectively
  • are pregnant or recently had a baby (see Ante and Post Natal) or have Osteoporosis (see Osteoporosis)
  • require an individual rehabilitation programme
  • want personalised advice and a home exercise programme
  • are new to Pilates or need a refresher on the key principles
  • simply prefer individual sessions

Programmes Descriptions

Physiotec’s home exercise programme combines innovative technologies and expert design.

You will receive your own Physiotec home exercise programme with beautifully designed instructional videos, which you can play on your phone or computer. You can also print out the instructions, demonstrations and tracking tools.

The exercises are professionally designed by a wide range of rehabilitation professionals to from a very large data base of rehabilitation exercises and APPI Pilates exercises.

New exercises and increasing levels of Pilates exercises can be added to your programme as you progress.

If you have planned a special golf trip, want to beat the 80s, 90s and 100s, or just looking to improve your weekly golf game, then the 1:1 programme is for you. The golf swing is complex and if you want to improve your strength, flexibility or return to golf from an injury you are best equipped with an individual programme. Pilates is not a quick fix for golfers. You will need several sessions if not a regular programme to keep your body in shape for golf. Linda has the experience to train the novice to the professional golfer. She is a Pilates instructor with extensive knowledge about different golf instruction techniques and a passion to help golfers improve posture, strength and scores!

Our tennis strength & conditioning programme can help to improve your game and reduce your risk of injuries. Both tennis and Pilates exercise the whole body and carefully chosen exercises can match the demands that tennis brings. Including Pilates in a tennis strength & conditioning programme, can help to improve your game and reduce your risk of injuries. Make contact to book a Bespoke 1:1 if you would like individual advice or are experiencing problems.

At whatever level you cycle, Pilates can help improve your efficiency and performance and address some of the muscular imbalances and tightness that cycling brings. Make contact to book a Bespoke 1:1 if you would like individual advice or are experiencing problems.

Not only does Pilates help to build or maintain strong bones via muscle strengthening and weight-bearing exercises but specific Pilates exercises can help to reduce the likelihood of osteoporotic spinal fractures and postural changes.

Please tell your instructor if you have osteoporosis or broken bones caused by osteoporosis.

We strongly advise you to book a Bespoke 1:1 session with Lynn our physiotherapist, who will advise you on safe and effective exercises and any modifications to exercises you can do in your classes, tailored accordingly to your individual circumstances and ability.

Look out for the ‘Strengthening your Bones and Managing Osteoporosis’ Masterclass.

Pilates has a positive effect in those with back pain. Building a supportive core and improving muscle strength, alignment and movement of the spine, help to reduce its recurrence.

Pilates is widely known to help in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and a reduction in the rate of recurrence.

Learning about the foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients that are important for your bone health and overall health will help you make healthier food…

Medical support to make sure your hormones are the right level and your diet is supporting your needs to improve Bone Health.

Please also see our Diet and Nutrition packages.

Why it’s good to do Pilates during and after your pregnancy:

Pilates can help your body to manage the changes happening during pregnancy, prepare it well for labour and help it recover faster after you have had your baby.

(Improving posture, flexibility, core strength and control of movement helps relieve muscle tension and any aches and pains you may have and assists with the added load of your bump or baby.

Increasing the strength of your pelvic floor muscles will help during the birth process, assist with postnatal recovery and reduce the occurrence of stress incontinence.)

Pilates during pregnancy

With medical clearance, it is safe to continue Pilates with some modifications right up until delivery, if it is comfortable for you.

If new to Pilates, we suggest you wait until 12 weeks pregnant and book a bespoke 1:1 antenatal assessment. If you are a regular, you must inform your class instructor and we would strongly advise you to have a bespoke 1:1 antenatal session around 12 weeks or early in the second trimester. We will happily guide you to suitable classes or further 1:1 sessions.

Our classes are mixed and it is important for you to learn about the necessary exercise modifications to do in class as you go through your pregnancy, to keep you and your baby safe.

Pilates after childbirth

After you have had your baby you can start Pilates again as soon as you have had your 6 week check following a normal delivery or 8 weeks post caesarean with stitches healed.

We strongly advise you to book a bespoke 1:1 postnatal assessment to assess you for Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (muscle separation), pelvic floor activation and any other health concerns.

Please talk to your instructor at any time if you have any concerns about your participation in class.