If you haven’t already signed up to LUXe Bootcamp (why not?!), the team here at Zoe Hodgson Pilates would like to outline a few reasons why we think you should!

We believe that the main reason people think twice about joining any bootcamp is fear. Fear that they are not fit enough, fear of looking silly, fear of failure. The list goes on. But LUXe Bootcamp is designed to remove the stigma and create a positive and inclusive environment in which to get fit, meet new people and have fun! Listed below are 10 reasons why you should join LUXe Bootcamp!


Joining our bootcamp will help to improve your health in a multitude of ways, aside from the obvious physical elements. Not only do our instructors have a passion for wellbeing and a wealth of knowledge that they are desperate to pass on, but you will also be surrounded by likeminded people who are all driving towards the same goal. This will rub off on you and create an encouraging and supportive environment, boosting morale and positivity!


If you fully immerse yourself and attend bootcamp at least twice a week, we guarantee you will improve your fitness almost immediately. Going to the gym and repeating the same work outs breeds complacency and will stop you challenging yourself. It is the responsibility of the instructor to monitor your progress and ensure you continually push yourself and improve!


Having someone encouraging you and keeping you in check urges you to work that little bit harder. Working out by yourself starts well but soon deteriorates as you tire and eventually give up. Our dedicated instructors work hard to motivate and get the very best out of you. They are not there to shout and bully you into shape. They are a support mechanism and will help you achieve your goals – but it is up to you to work hard!


People who sweat together, stay together! Bonding over a gruelling work out is the best way to start a lasting friendship. Sharing a common goal and encouraging each other to stay on track is a crucial part of the process.


Peel yourself away from your phone, drag your bottom off the sofa and get out into the fresh air! Although a chilly, winter’s evening may not seem too appealing as you step out in your gym gear, you’ll get hot and sweaty in minutes. The sense of achievement is far stronger in the face of adversity and you will sleep better than you ever have after a brisk workout in the dark!

We could give you another 20 reasons, but the best way to find out for yourself is to take the leap and sign up, today!

Written for ZH Pilates by Sam Dennis.