Golf is most definitely an athletic sport and building muscle and strength in the lower body can help prepare golfers for the physical output of a round of 18 holes. Adding those preciousextra yards to the drives wouldn’t hurt either! Power in the golf swing is created in a few different ways – the most important being technique. Golfers can loose masses of power and accuracy if the technique is poor and this usually begins with a lack of lower body and core strength. Building strength in these areas can help golfers become more stable in the lower body allowing for a better transfer of energy through the swing.

Below are a couple of Pilates exercises that will help build strength in the legs and glutes whilst also helping to create a solid core:

4-point Kneeling Hip Extension

– Wrap a resistance band over the bottom of one foot then bring the ends up into your hands.
– Get on all fours with knees below hips and wrists below shoulders.
– Inhale to prepare for the motion.
– Exhale and extend the leg with the band pressing the heel towards the wall behind you. Make sure that the heel doesn’t lift above the buttocks causing the low back to arch or dip.
– Inhale and return to the start position.
– Repeat in reps of 10-15. You should feel it in your glutes as well as the core, helping to stabilise the body.

Side-lying Leg Lifts

– Wrap a resistance band over the top of one foot then bring both ends up into the same hand.
– Lie on your side and extend the legs fully. The band should be on the side that is up.
– Inhale and lift the top leg toward the ceiling, point the foot making sure that the hip and ankle stay aligned.
– Exhale, flex the foot and lower the leg, making sure to engage the inner thighs. Don’t allow the foot to rest down. Repeat in reps of 10-15.

Visit the Pilates Pavilion for a class or individual session and meet our Pilates for golf expert Linda Segerstam. She has worked with major sports and corporate brands for 20 years and
also worked with Body Control Pilates, the largest Pilates teaching organization in Europe, developing the Pilates for Golfers teaching program. Linda is a writer and speaker, most recently at the golf industry’s leading event, the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, US, and the PGAs of Europe’s summit in Greece.