Connect Fitness

Partner up with ZH Wellness club

Connect Fitness is five, experienced, female instructors offering barre, strength and cardio classes in the studio and online. We love helping our clients get stronger and fitter, and bringing you classes that will strengthen, challenge and energise you.

We use Zoe’s beautiful studio for barre classes on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Barre is a full body class with a focus on core and posture. It is low impact, and joint friendly, using light weights. Our highly trained instructors will provide clear and detailed guidance with an emphasis on body alignment and breath to ensure you get the most from each exercise. Through small movements and isometric holds, you’ll safely build strength and endurance both physically and mentally.

Join us for Barre at ZH Pilates & Wellness Club on:

– Tuesdays at 7.25pm
– Sundays at 9:30am

For more information and to book a free trial class