Corporate Wellness

Healthy Workforce

The annual economic cost of sickness absence and worklessness is estimated to be over £100 billion.

Pilates training improves physical fitness for people in sedentary roles. It can also help release pressure and stress, encouraging mental wellbeing.

Research shows staff return to their desks calmer with improved concentration, enhanced problem-solving abilities and better able to focus on the demands of the job.

All these benefits from Pilates can also reduce the number of sick days leading to a more productive workforce.

Discover better ways of sitting, better posture and breathing techniques, all designed to help maintain health and improve mental focus whilst working. Many of the exercises are designed so that they can actually be done whilst sitting at a desk.

Speakers & Team of experts

The team is headed by Zoe Hodgson & Linda Segerstam with over 35 years of running corporate events worldwide making your event a wonderful experience for your company. Energetic talks and seminars is a great addition to company Wellness Programmes. We offer a thorough analysis of your company’s needs to help you and your team create a healthy workforce and an amazing place to work.


Benefits & Outcomes

An initial talk about wellness at work and/or working at home

Inspirational, interactive workshops (one-off or series) offering wellness through Pilates exercises or alternatively adding Pilates classes for a company wellness event

  • Choose online or in person
  • Any group size online or small groups in person
  • Select before-work, lunchtime or after-work
  • Decide on duration – 45-60 or 90 minutes
  • Investment – from £250-£450

Pilates for the workplace can:

Improve posture
lowering the risk of back and neck pain

Boost mental health
improving happiness and self-esteem

Improve focus, concentration and problem solving
increasing productivity

Help to reduce stress and anxiety
leading to fewer absences

Raise energy levels
increasing capacity for work