Diet & Nutrition

Hannah Norris MSc ANutr is our head of nutrition is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and a Bachelors degree in Sport Science.

Hannah can help you with improving body composition, performance, fertility, energy or just overall health without restriction or fad diets.

We offer:

  • Hire for nutrition talks
  • Recipe analysis
  • Diet plans
  • Diet analysis
  • Pre & post natal nutrition
  • Nutrition for fertility
  • Exercise and Sports performance
  • Gut Health
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Personalised packages

Recommended to achieve full health and specific goals, no one size fits all can be applied when it comes to nutrition!

This package is delivered over 6 weeks and is built to work on an individual basis and allows the nutritionist to get to know you and find out what works for you and help you achieve optimal health and weight.

£200 includes:

  • Initial face to face consultation
  • Full dietary analysis
  • Personalised nutrition advice & recommendations
  • Example diet plan
  • 2 follow ups
  • 1 re-adjustment