With Lynn Hammond, Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates Instructor.

Would you like to learn more about your shoulder, perhaps because you are experiencing some difficulties in class or you have a known shoulder condition or injury that you would like to manage better in your Pilates classes. 

In this Rehabilitation Masterclass, we will be exploring the shoulder, in fact the whole shoulder region and surrounding areas, to best understand it’s functions and why and how common problems and injuries occur. 

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for rehabilitating the shoulder. Lynn will explain how the Pilates fundamentals and specific exercises can be helpful in stabilising, strengthening and moving your shoulder region. With a new level of understanding, you will be considering your whole body as you go through the exercises and feel more confident about modifying and adapting exercises where necessary.

Ultimately we would hope that you move with greater ease, improve your functioning in everyday life and reduce the recurrence of further injuries.

Should you wish to have more individual advice, support or rehabilitation, including an individualised Pilates home exercise programme, please talk to Lynn at the end to arrange a 

1:1 session.