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Are you open all year?


Yes we are open all year including half terms except Christmas and when we close for deep cleaning.

Are you open all year?2018-07-31T12:36:53+01:00

Can I mix it up and attend different days?


Yes you can attend everyday or once a month, the system allows you to book when it suits you. You can attend as often or as little as you like.

Can I mix it up and attend different days?2019-09-26T18:00:21+01:00

If I cancel my class will I be re-credited?


Yes if you cancel you class 6 hours before the class starts we will automatically  re-credit your account, but as a small business we always ask you cancel the class as soon as you know you can cancel and book week in advance.

If I cancel my class will I be re-credited?2020-10-26T14:02:59+00:00

Can I pay as I go?


Yes you can pay as you go and buy an individual class or a block of classes, pay online or if you prefer in cash, please contact us here.

Can I pay as I go?2020-10-26T14:03:20+00:00

Is there free parking close to the studio? 


Yes, we have plenty of free parking on site behind the pilates pavilion. Please do not park in the nursery car park.

Is there free parking close to the studio? 2020-10-26T14:04:38+00:00

Is there a Cafe?


Yes, we have a coffee fix waiting for you after the class.  Also, teas and healthy snacks are available.

Is there a Cafe?2017-04-02T17:19:33+01:00

Can I get there by public transport?


Yes, Esher train station, with fast trains to London, is only an 8 minute walk away from our studio.

Can I get there by public transport?2017-04-02T17:19:33+01:00

Can I leave my children?


We are happy if your little ones are old enough to sit and chill, read or watch TV whilst you are doing your favourite class.

Can I leave my children?2019-10-01T18:02:13+01:00
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