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Bone health & Osteoporosis


Not only does exercise and Pilates help to build or maintain strong bones but specific Pilates exercises can help to reduce the likelihood of spinal fractures, the types that lead to loss of height and postural changes.

Bone health & Osteoporosis2017-06-23T13:24:49+01:00

Chronic conditions & Wellbeing


Clinical Pilates ... Creates sense of well being and calm. Zoe struggles herself with a Chronic condition so understands how hard this can be at times. At ZH Pilates we look at supporting people living with long term conditions to develop self- management.

Chronic conditions & Wellbeing2017-04-02T19:56:10+01:00

Rehabilitation and Recovery


Pilates exercises are often recommended by health professionals as a safe form of exercise, particularly for back pain or injuries, or if recovering from surgery. Pilates has a positive effect in those with back pain. Building a supportive core and improving muscle strength, alignment and movement of the spine, help to reduce its recurrence.

Rehabilitation and Recovery2017-06-23T13:26:32+01:00

Gender and age related classes


Many men perceive Pilates to be a ladies activity, but it is just as beneficial for men. Male and female bodies have slightly differing structures meaning that certain exercises are easier for one gender. Most of our classes are mixed. Our Men Only class are designed for the male physique. We offer a wide program [...]

Gender and age related classes2017-04-02T19:56:21+01:00

Classes for Teenagers


Pilates is for all ages but is hugely valuable for young people in developing correct movement patterns, alignment, increased flexibility and co-ordination.

Classes for Teenagers2017-04-03T11:36:07+01:00

Pre & Post natal


Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that are weakened by pregnancy to avoid problems of stress incontinence. Retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis and recover your pre-baby shape.

Pre & Post natal2017-06-23T13:27:01+01:00
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