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Iso Barre is a unique and challenging collection of full-body group exercise classes.

Clients are expertly led through a series of conditioning intervals which systematically target each muscle group through a combination of isometrics, resistance, and barre work for core strengthening and alignment.

Deep recovery stretching follows each interval to lengthen and shape the body. Guidance on form and technique is delivered by a highly trained team of instructors resulting in the most efficient and effective barre classes available.

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Lea Taylor


Lea is from the east coast of the USA, and her career in dance and fitness spans more than 20 years. With a BA in dance from the prestigious Juilliard school in NYC, along with fitness qualifications from both the US and the UK including group fitness, barre training, group indoor cycling and TRX suspension training, she has an outstanding pedigree.

Following a move to the UK in 2009, Lea created Iso Barre. She took her method to local health and fitness centres and within a very short space of time, members were queuing to attend her classes. The demand for Iso Barre became so great that a custom built studio was opened in the spring of 2012, with plans for additional studios in the works. Lea finds teaching Iso Barre incredibly fulfilling.