When we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives:

*we improve our mental health and lower our stress levels

*we become more aware of our body and get to know our pain

*we connect better with ourselves and the world,

*we improve our clarity and focus,

*we learn self love and become kinder to ourselves

Let us walk you through the basics in our new mindful classes and join us on a wonderful journey on how to meditate.

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Class Descriptions

A massage for the mind – simply lay back on your mat and you’ll be transported on a relaxing journey of powerful, restorative and healing sounds. From Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing bowls to the Gong, the vibrations will bathe you from head to toe. You will experience enhanced clarity, focus, creativity and a sense of joy and ecstasy. The sound current is absorbed deep into the body and the vibrational energy can even shift blocked emotions and help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, anger issues or chronic pain.
You will leave feeling refreshed and energised.
WARNING: the gong can be addictive.

Known as the yoga of awareness, the Kundalini practice brings health, wellness, and joy. With many facets and applications, Kundalini is rejuvenating, energising, and healing – physically as well as emotionally. Working directly with the glandular system, Kundalini yoga stimulates brain function and strengthens the nervous and immune systems. It is known to be an effective tool in alleviating depression, addiction recovery, and also pre- and post-natal care. Kundalini supports all aspects and stages of life.

Re-Boot – Re-Balance – Re-Connect – Re-New

90mins of Bliss, Self Care & Self Love. Time to Re-connect, Re-Balance & Re-boot. A refreshing way to keep your body flexible, your mind calm, reduce stress and improve your mental health.
Beautiful meditation, sacred mantras and wisdom. The session will not be complete without a long sound bath to the vibrations of singing bowls and the gong.
Includes tea & biscuits at the end. Time for connecting, sharing and reflections.
Let’s build a community of like-minded and compassionate beings.