We absolutely love following our clients on their journey with ZH Pilates and when they get results from our classes we are even happier. This weeks journey with ZH Pilates is from our lovely client Jane Risdale. Find out what she thinks of our classes below!

I joined Zoe’s Pilates group 8 years ago with a friend as we were both suffering with hip pain and joint stiffness on the recommendation of the GP that Marion was working with. I haven’t looked back since. Pilates has become a way of life, not only physically but also socially. Within a couple of months my hip pain disappeared and I enjoy the exercises so much that I go to Zoe twice a week, which has the added benefit of also toning.

6 years ago my daughter Alice developed scoliosis and needed major back surgery. Zoe taught her pre operative and post operative exercises that greatly enhanced her recovery. With Zoe she was completely safe and well cared for. Alice and her twin sister are now also completely hooked on Pilates alongside their long distance running. Alice is now at university but still joins me at Pilates whenever she is at home.

The girls persuaded me to try Luxe bootcamp, which I thought I would never manage but to my surprise can. It could be at the age of 61 I try my hardest to keep up with two 19 year olds!

If you’d like to share your story of how ZH Pilates has helped you, we’d love to hear from you.

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