We absolutely love following our clients on their journey with LUXe and when they get results from our classes we are even happier. This weeks ‘LUXe Journey’ is from our lovely client Lilian Mace. Find out what she thinks of our classes below!

Why did you decide to join LUXe Bootcamp?

I decided to join Luxe bootcamp as I love exercising outside. I run twice a week, about 10-15k in total, and I felt I needed to add variety to my exercise regime. With doing bootcamp, I use muscles I don’t use for running, such as my arm and shoulder muscles and it is great to give these a workout once a week. I work part time and this involves sitting behind my computer a lot. My arms and shoulders get stiff and again, bootcamp is great to work and loosen up those muscles.

How has LUXe Bootcamp helped you?

Bootcamp has definitely improved my core stability and it has made my arms and shoulders much stronger.

When did you join LUXe Bootcamp?

I joined bootcamp last summer. A friend of mine recommended it. During the summer holidays, the classes were very quiet and at times there were just 2 or 3 of us. It was like having a personal trainer! It is great fun though when the class is bigger as a group you seem to ‘whip up’ more energy. The best bootcamp I did though was one recently in the evening. It was cold and there was a clear sky. You could see all the planes flying around, waiting to land at Heathrow, it’s great to have that uninterrupted view. You had to keep moving but lying on the matt to do bridge pose whilst looking at the stars in the sky was quite special.

If you’d like to share your journey with LUXe Bootcamp, email us with your answers to the 3 questions above! If you’d like to start your journey with LUXe click here.