The panoramic views over the field made practicing our sun salutations at sunset a wonderful experience in our new YOGA HOME.
I am super excited that I have teamed up with the fab Zoe from Zoe Hodgson Pilates who’s invited me and my yogis into her fabulous pavilion at Imber Court Sports Ground.

Watching the clouds drift by, one by one, was also a good reminder of my favourite mantra ‘This too shall pass’.

Thank you Zoe and team for welcoming us with open arms! I can’t wait to sprinkle some yoga into the air!


Come and explore and experience some of the many health benefits that come with a regular yoga practice:

You can find the September studio timetable on our booking system HERE.
All prices remain the same. Most studio classes are available via online livestream too. Booking is essential!
Here’s whats NEW:

Men’s Only Yoga Introductory Offer – 1st Class FREE

Yoga can be off-putting at first for a lot of men, especially when so much about modern yoga seems to be geared towards women. Add to that the fact that social media is full of women in very bendy poses, and it’s little surprise that most men give it a wide berth. I get it!

However, the fact of the matter is that it isn’t the quasi-gymnastic manoeuvres that provide yoga’s many benefits;
My husband has practiced with me once or twice weekly since the beginning of lockdown and it is fabulous to see how much he progressed!
It’s a challenge every time he steps on the mat, but the benefits to his fitness and health are endless.

So don’t worry if you can’t get your feet behind your head! There is so much more to yoga than that. It’s OK if you dolt practice any other sport.
It’s OK if you’re overweight.
It’s OK if you feel a little uncomfortable at the thought of trying something new.
Most people feel like that when they start out. But I promise you, the benefits to your overall health are huge and so worth it.
To help you get started, join our mens only yoga class.

The class allows for you to start yoga in a safe and also fun environment.
Each class will be filled with breathing exercises, asana (postures) and elements of mindfulness and meditation – all activating our parasympathetic nervous system and lowering our stress hormones.
Leaving you feeling strong and relaxed at the same time.

Beginners Yoga

Thursday 19:45

Yes yes yes! This is totally fort the inflexible yogis too! I hear it so often: “Oh I don’t think yoga is fo me, I’m so inflexible.”
But people go to the gym and lift weights to become stronger, right?!
People run 3 miles at first to train for a marathon. You don’t go out and run the full length at your first run. It’s the same with yoga. You’ve got to start somewhere and then a whole new world of clam, strength, flexibility (on and off the mat) opens up to you….

I have run several Beginners Transformation Classes in small semi-private groups over the last year.
I know, many people have reservations about starting yoga because they are worried about their ability to fit into a group.
You might be worried about the studio environment and if you’ll be able to keep up with the others?

You will be ok! It is my core value as a teacher to make sure you have a nourishing practice and I will teach you to look after yourself too. Because that I find, is something we have to re-learn as adults.

You can always email me if you’d like to ask anything at all