Online Pilates

Put on your favourite tunes and roll out your mat, ZH comes to you at home.

Book Online Pilates

Be interactive with your class mates it is fun and good for the mind, body and soul. Zoe and Linda can guide you from the comfort of your own home. Online class run alongside your studio class for those of you who cannot get into a class and wish to attend live from home.

We advise you to attend studio classes when you can to make sure your technique is correct and your body is aligned.

If you are a newbie to Pilates, or you have an injury or condition that needs to be addressed before attending group classes, then you need to know you are in safe hands. We strongly advise that you book an introductory One 2 One lesson so that we can take you through Beginner fundamentals and establish the best path for you. If this is not possible, try our monthly Beginner Masterclass and The Gentle Mat or a combination of both.

  • Clearing your browser cache – Clear your browser data and cookies. This will need to be done regularly if you are live streaming and it is good for your computer.
  • Check your device for latest software updates.
  • Check you have strong Wifi connection and band width and speed is strong enough for live stream contact your provider to get a faster speed they can easily do this for you. Ask family members not to live stream when you are just for 30mins ?
  • Only if using the iPhone – turn off wifi so you connect to your 4G.
  • Laptops are best for watching and remember to turn up your speaker.
  • If using iPhone or iPad check slide side bar check not on silent mode
  • If using iPhone put on do not disturb do not take calls it disrupts the live stream.

Icons under the screen


Turns your voice on or off to chat with ZH we will mute everyone at beginning of class and then unmute at the end if you wish to chat.

Camera icon

Turns your camera on or off so we can or can not see you.

Speaker icon

iPhone and iPads have this allows you to turn off the instructors voice and just watch with no sound.

NB* Remember it is always good to remember to clear cache and cookies every week.

Online classes do not run during Christmas, Easter and Summer Holidays.