Payment Terms & Conditions

Mindbody is ZH Pilates Studio Ltd business management software company that allows our clients to book and cancel classes.
Mindbody is connected to Paysafe both companies are independent from one another.
Paysafe is ZH Pilates Studio Ltd merchant processor company. Paysafe processes ZH Pilates Studio Ltd clients credit card payments. Paysafe takes payments from clients > deducts % transaction fee and a % processing fee at a cost to ZH Studio Ltd not to the client before funds are released and then deposited into ZH Studio Ltd – Barclays business account. Please see links below regarding security all card details are protected encrypted.

When you log into your Mindbody software, at the bottom of the page on the left hand side, you see in blue Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you go to Terms of Service and under section 2 Services, you will find information about payment processing.

Please give me a call if you require any more help or information getting you set up for the video library.
Thank you for being an amazing client your feedback is most helpful I want to make sure we always make it right and get it right by being transparent and giving the best service possible so i really appreciate you taking the time to help us.