Having practised Hatha yoga for over 20 years, Dao accidentally discovered the life-changing Kundalini yoga teachings 8 years ago in California. For Dao, Kundalini Yoga was life changing and she was inspired to become a Kundalini teacher herself in order to share this powerful practice with others. Alongside postures and poses, Dao teaches a unique form of mantra meditation with deep breath work. As a passionate Gong Master, she harnesses the vibrations of different instruments, including Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls and the gong, which form the basis of her Sound Healing Therapy practice. You will always find a deep relaxation at the end of Dao’s classes and the sound of her gong will guide you to a restful, meditative state.

Dao has been blessed to spend time with amazing spiritual teachers, gurus and Buddhist monks and she shares these insights in her class. What makes Dao’s classes unique is the passion, love, kindness, inspiration, wisdom and spirituality that she brings to her teachings. In our busy and disconnected world, Dao feels honoured and humbled to hold space for people to find stillness and experience an inner connection beyond the physical realm.

Re-Boot – Re-Balance – Re-Connect – Re-New