If you’re looking for a Pilates class taught by highly trained instructors, offering a unique, community driven vibe that will help you improve your fitness as well as your social life, then look no further than ZH Pilates!

Zoe Hodgson is a 3rd Generation Joseph Pilates instructor who was one of the very first people to bring Pilates to the UK back in 1992. Zoe discovered her love for Pilates after she was involved in a very serious car accident earlier that same year. The accident resulted in her losing balance on one side of her body and she feared that it would have a devastating effect on her Dance and Fitness career. However, after only one year of Pilates training, she made a 100% recovery. That was the moment everything changed!

Zoe has spent 27 years of her life teaching over 33,000 hours with 27 classes per week. She has taught at a variety of establishments and is very proud to have trained part of the GB Mens’s Hockey team who went on to win a Medal at the Olympic Games. Zoe has made it her lifelong work to create her unique Method using the latest research and her experience of what works safely and effectively.

Alongside her incredible team of talented and dedicated instructors (meet them all here), ZH Pilates has built a strong reputation for providing high quality classes for everyone at all fitness levels from beginner to advanced level. The main priority for everyone at ZH is to create a supportive environment where you can learn to understand the methods of Pilates, interact with like-minded people and, above all, improve your core strength, posture and flexibility.

We offer a variety of classes from individual, one-to-one sessions to group classes as well as Mat classes which can range from gentle to intense. Alongside our Pilates classes, we also offer fitness retreats & boot camps via LUXe Bootcamp based in 40 acres of private land in Esher, Surrey.

‘We are a small passionate team who eat, sleep and breathe Pilates. Our goal is to give you an amazing Pilates experience every time you visit and also to be part of a unique community where we help one another to achieve the best possible result.’ – Zoe Hodgson.

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