The aim of every class regardless of the style is to find a deeper connection with ourselves.

Some yoga styles are more athletic, dynamic whilst others are more focused on alignment. You get slow paced classes where poses are held for long times and some other classes focus mainly on relaxation. And that’s all a great thing. Don’t let it confuse you! Different phases in our lives require different ways of moving and breathing. And the wonderful thing is that our yoga practice can adapt to align with what we need. That is why we love to give our students a variety of experiences depending on the time of the day we practice, month and season even.

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Let’s move the stress and anxiety of the day out of our bodies.

Mindfully moving our whole body and taking time too stretch fully. This class takes the practice beyond the physical, turning our attention inward to explore what’s on the inside.

Leaving you feeling grounded, connected and feeling in a state of flow.

*Beginners welcome

*All abilities

This is a fairly new class to our weekly schedule. Now. There is no reason why there should be a separate men’s yoga class, but teaching yoga over the years I have always felt a reservation for men to join a mixed class. Yet, there is such a need for a non-competitive and relaxing hour in every man’s weekly routine. So if you are a bloke and new too yoga and curious about finding out what it is all about, then join us.

In our dynamic yoga classes I combine my love for flowing freely, led by our breath with my training in Iyenger inspired Yoga. All classes are different and my yogis know to bring an open mind to the mat. Some classes work specifically into hips or shoulders for example, whilst other classes will be faster paced. Each class will allow time for you to do a mini energy-stock take into you and your wonderful being, which is always at the heart centre of every class. Come play and connect.

This weekly sacred practice to many is a vinyasa practice. A dynamic style of yoga where we flow with the breath, build up to hero poses and have fun trying out new shapes. This is less suitable too yogi beginners. Each class explores the breath, allows time to connect to the present moment and ends with more restorative poses to allow to calm body and mind before closing one week and consciously starting another.

A breath-centered flow to encourage a full sense of body and breath awareness.

You will be guided to move skillfully, slowly and safely through a movement meditation that nourishes, strengthens and rejuvenates. All classes are themed to a particular anatomical goal or philosophical quality all with the intention of building awareness of your body’s full potential and inspiring positive shifts.

This class is set to a carefully curated playlist and open to all ages and abilities.